Ravla Bhenswara

Veg plate from ₹ 750

Non veg plate from ₹ 1,100

1 outdoor space 600 ppl

+91 98280 7 0734

Village Bhenswara, Jalore, Jodhpur
+91 98280 70734
+91 88903 95971
banquet hall

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Special features

Location Outside the city
Cuisine vegetarian, non-vegetarian
Type of cuisine Indian
Decoration policy Inhouse decorator only
Payment methods Cash, Bank transfer, Credit/debit card
Guests rooms 30 rooms, from ₹ 7,400 for standard double room
Special features Wi-Fi / Internet, Bathroom, Heating
Private parking
No alcohol
Allowed to bring your own alcohol for extra fee
DJ is provided by the venue
Guest rooms available
Seating capacity 600 people
Type Outdoor space
Possible to rent without food
Price per plate, veg from ₹ 750/person
Price per plate, non-veg from ₹ 1,100/person
Air Conditioner